Everything that I need for my business is either in this backpack or available online. The backpack goes everywhere with me meaning that assuming I have an internet connection, I can literally work from anywhere.

Here are all of the things that are in my backpack. These things work for me and for what I do but have a read through and then make your own list of contents. For a list of software and online resources, see my Resources page.

  • Apple MacBook Pro

    Apple MacBook Pro

    I chose an Apple MacBook Pro for various reasons but one of the mains ones is the battery life. I can usually have my main six applications running at once and get 4-5 hours of battery life. This gives me the flexibility to work anywhere for half a day before needing to find a power socket.

    When I'm at home, I have a Matrox DualHead2Go which allows me to plug the laptop in and split the screen to my dual monitors. Along with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard, this set up gives me the flexibility of having a proper desktop experience with the option to just grab the laptop at any point, head out the door and still have all of my files and software with me.

  • iPad


    Most of my blog writing is done on my iPad. It's small, has great battery life and has a Bluetooth keyboard integrated into the case. When working, it is usually sat next to me with music playing and pop-ups from various pieces of software that I use, making sure I'm kept up-to-date with customer requests.

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Anyone with children will appreciate how difficult it is to get work done at home when they are around. Even working out and about like in a coffee shop, as I do sometimes, it can be difficult to focus with all of the background noise and that's why these are one of my best investments, allowing me to sit almost anywhere, free from distraction. They are an expensive addition to the backpack but they allow you to block out the noise and focus, no matter where you are.

    I decided on a set of Bose wired headphones which use a standard AAA battery. My thinking was that a wired pair of headphones will require less power than bluetooth ones so the battery will last longer and having a set which use standard batteries, rather than the set that use the built-in battery, is that I can carry a spare battery with me meaning I can work longer without find a power source.

  • Internet Dongle

    Internet Dongle

    One of the key pieces of the backpack, the dongle allows me to connect to the Internet almost anywhere.

    I tend to go for larger ones like this rather than the straight USB ones that plug directly into your laptop. These ones allow you to connect to the dongle via wireless meaning that you can throw it up on a roof or hang it out of a window to improve the reception.

    It's on a pay-as-you-go contract, so I just top it up when needed.

  • Other Bits

    Other Bits

    Calculator - always useful for quick calculations

    Pens and notebook - I much prefer the old school way of making notes

    Memory stick - essential for copying customer's files over quickly

    Energy drink - my backup drink when energy is fading but a deadline is approaching!

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