My Monthly Report - July 2019

I admit that I have been working too much recently and so I've not had the time or indeed motivation to check my results and do my usual monthly report. Since January, I feel like I have been working solidly and I'm finally starting to step back and enjoy a decent work / life balance again. Good news for me as it means I can spend more time away from my desk, less time working and hopefully doing more of the things that I enjoy including writing and working on a new project idea that I have. We'll see!

Profit and Loss

As I've been swamped with work I haven't written a full post on May on June's profit / loss numbers however I've done the workings on and May saw a 3.92% drop in overall profits but I bounced back in June with a 8.58% increase. July saw a modest 1.92% increase as well. May's decrease was due to a couple of my SEO customers dropping out - understandable as they were focussing on other things but that lead to a sharp decrease on my charts!

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My Monthly Report - April 2019

Time for this month's report - I can't believe how time flies when I have something in place, like this, that puts a marker down each time a month passes. It's been a busy but successful and targeted month. Knowing that I have this report to write at the end of the month gives me extra motivation to get things done. So here is what I have been up to this time.

Profit and Loss

This has been a mixed month in terms of my recurring income. Income from web site customers and hosting customers is up although income from SEO customers is down.

I've taken on 10 new customers this month for web sites / hosting but lost one as they moved away. SEO income is down partly due to me not keeping my management spreadsheet up-to-date (one customer had paused their service but I'd forgotten to update my reports and another customer had signed up last month but has asked to delay proceeding until she finishes updating the text on her site. Not a major issue as both will come back again but that's why there has been a drop this month.

Overall though there has been a slight increase in profit - 0.01% compared to last month. This is not a huge amount and certainly not what I would be aiming for however it has been a busy month where I have been focussing on installing a new e-mail spam filter, reducing expenditure, installing a new web site monitoring system and reducing the number of hours I work each week.

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My Monthly Report - March 2019

I've decided to start creating a monthly report so that I can actually monitor my progress with projects, how I'm getting on with my targets and also to ensure that I am in fact working less and not doing more! As much as I have designed by businesses to be automated and easy to run, so that I can spend less time working, I seem to be spending more and more time in front of my laptop. I'm hoping that if I actually document what I am doing on a daily basis and collate it into a monthly report, I might actually find out where I am going wrong and find areas to improve so that I can spend more time relaxing.

This report will be slightly longer than normal and covers bits from the first three months of the year, just to help put everything into context.

Profit and Loss

I'm still working out the best way to monitor profit so that I can run monthly comparisons. The difficulty is that in many ways each business is set up as an independent entity. What I mean by that is each one has its own finance system so collating data from each business, each month and then comparing it to the previous months is quite difficult so for now, I am just comparing figures for the web design, hosting and SEO businesses.

Compared to February, March saw a 4.19% increase in income. Although that's not a huge number, it's important to remember that - especially for these businesses (web design, hosting and SEO) - these are recurring customers so unless a customer leaves, this will be a permanent increase in profit.

I was also fortunate enough to have a large order through the drop shipping business in March so there was a one-off boost there although this isn't shown in this figure - again, still working on how to work out how to monitor all of the businesses in one report.

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