I currently run 10 businesses in total, all from my backpack. They are in three different categories:

Various - Web Design and Maintenance

My original business was a web site design and maintenance business. Since starting, I have started or bought similar businesses from others so that there are now six brands that I operate. All are essentially the same in that I build and maintain web sites for other businesses but the price points vary depending on the market or sector I am targeting.

By far, the majority of my income comes from web design customers. I have mostly stopped marketing for these businesses now because I am still receiving a lot of business through referrals from existing customers and I am keen to concentrate on my other existing businesses and starting new ones.

Web Hosting

After dealing with various hosting companies over the years on behalf of my web site design customers, I realised that there was a gap in the market for a UK hosting company that combined fair prices, excellent support and good set up.

Hosting companies seem to range from incredibly low cost but then offer little or no support to their customers. They cram as many sites on to their servers as possible which just slows everything down and they fail to add in features which customers desperately need, such as really good spam filters.

I started the business and failed to attract any customers for a long time but then bought a couple of small hosting companies from people looking to exit the market. This was useful and added a few customers. Marketing for hosting is difficult but I'm slowly building the number of customers.


I now have two dropshipping businesses which once set up are very easy to maintain. They are ecommerce sites that essentially just sit there. I do not need to do anything until an order comes in. One is a long-standing site which has been running for around three years, the other is something which I have just set up. The new one is a project which I am hoping to detail in a blog post called 'How to set up a dropshipping business in 24 hours' which is exactly what I did - created a dropshipping business in a day.