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I haven’t answered the phone in eight months and it’s awesome
The latest addition to our family was born just before Christmas last year and I haven’t answered a phone call since.
Reducing work hours from 60+ to around 27

The ideal business

I’m in a bit of a transition phase at the moment. After seven years I’ve been fortunate to achieve a number of things that most people would be happy with. I’ve significantly increased my income from my previous ‘proper job’ and I have managed to reduce the number of hours worked from 60+ to aro…

Buy, improve… profit!

Acquiring a low-end hosting business and making it three times as profitable

One area of my business which I am keen to grow is the hosting side. Hosting is a very easy market to enter as evidenced by the shear number of people doing it. You can set up the business within days and once set up, the profitability can be very high. The difficult part is attracting customers. There are literally thousands of companies offering web hosting, why should anyone pick you?
Working less and enjoying life more

I always wanted a pager

This morning I woke up in my own bed. Nothing terribly exciting or remarkable there however we’ve just got back from a long weekend away on a boat on the Norfolk Broads. My partner is pregnant and is finding sleeping difficult. That combined with the size of the beds on a boat meant that I spent time sleeping anywhere but in the bed. After a few nights sleeping on the floor of a boat, you come to appreciate the finer things in life – like a mattress and decent pillows!

Reduce what you offer to earn more and work less

The business pyramid

My first real online business focused on web site design for other small businesses. I spent a great deal of time looking at what other design firms were offering before settling on my own four packages, with increasing price points depending on the number of pages the customer needed on their s…
Failing to prepare…

Storms and viruses

We are in the second day of storm Ciara, a storm that is battering the UK and other parts of Western Europe. There’s flooding in some areas, power cuts and trees being blown over, causing traffic jams around the country. On Saturday morning I spent some time preparing the house before the sto…
Give the customers what they want

Price + Service + Confidence

I recently added a blog post called ‘Stealth Marketing Gave me 10 New Customers in a Week’ which described how I came across a web hosting company that had lost its way.
The freedom to work anywhere…

Digital nomad vs nomadic settler

The internet is full of bloggers and Instagrammers who seemingly travel the world with little more than their passport and laptop whilst earning plenty of money as they do it. This is the dream though, right? You are young, you do not have any commitments, want to visit new places and as a di…
Playing the long game

Stealth marketing gave me 10 new customers in a week

Around this time last year, I added a blog post to the web site of my hosting business. Around 12 months later, this one post bought in 10 new customers within one week and more are still trickling in.

Going wrong before I went wrong

Why I’m grateful that I did a test launch of my business

Years ago when I had a ‘proper’ job – a proper job to me is working for someone else, doing the 9-5 grind. Working for yourself, although hard work and stressful at times, never quite feels like a real job to me because of the flexibility that it gives you – anyway, back when I worked for someone else, I started my first real online venture. When I look back now, I realise how ridiculous the whole set up was but it provided me with, at least on a subconscious level, some lessons on how not to do things.
What works and does not work for me

How I market my businesses

It’s the summer and usually a good time for me to relax a bit. Everyone is off on holiday and so I get far fewer calls from customers meaning that I have some much needed ‘spare’ time to work on my businesses. It’s an ideal time to think of new ideas, work on things to improve my work life e.g. …
Show off why you’re different

Stand out, do something a little different

The world is hugely competitive. In business, we are all fighting over a finite number of customers, trying to get them to spend their money with us rather than someone else so we need to think of things that will make us stand out so that a customer chooses us.

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Reducing work hours from 60+ to around 27

The ideal business

Reduce what you offer to earn more and work less

The business pyramid

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