Work / income ratio

Each week I meet up with a friend of mine to play squash. It’s 45 minutes of great exercise but the bit I enjoy most happens before and after the game - a catch-up. A chance for us both to have a chat and talk about what’s going on in our lives.

A few weeks ago during our pre-match chat, my friend told me that he had just completed his tax return and received the result, he was getting a nice rebate that would pay for his upcoming holiday, allow him to buy a new guitar and still have enough left over to put quite a bit into savings. Great news and then came the kicker - I learned that he had earned 25% more than me last year.

Ouch, that hurt.

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Don't sell time

Little and often is better than big and infrequent

Traditional businesses were simple to understand. You have something I want and I have money - something that you want - so we swapped.

If I was happy with the thing that I bought from you, I'd come back in the future and buy another. I'd get what I wanted and you would make a profit.

The profit went to pay your bills - rent, electricity bill, salaries etc. - and everyone was happy.

But next month, if I didn't need a new thing from you, you as a business owner would have a problem. All of a sudden you don't have the profit you normally would have made from me to pay your bills.

No problem, you can probably survive a month or two. But then what?

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Are discounts helping or hurting your business?


Although before last year, I couldn’t remember Black Friday being a thing in the UK, this Black Friday I have already been bombarded with e-mails from at least 10 large companies. This was followed by smaller outlets jumping on the bandwagon, trying to convince me to spend money with their ‘amazing deals’.

Like most people, I was intrigued by the deals that Amazon and others were offering but so far, I’ve been strong and resisted buying anything that I don’t actually need. It’s still early in the day though, so no promises!

As I made my way through the sales e-mails, I noticed that for some companies, I started to feel a bit annoyed, disappointed and almost cheated.

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Say goodbye to customers

...and watch your business thrive!

I've complained in another blog post about a particular customer that was causing us problems. She was employed by her company to do a job which she didn't understand and couldn't do. They hired us to build a new web site for them, which we did and then we set up a monthly maintenance contract with them to perform a couple of updates on the site each month and generally provide up to an hour's support each month.

From the outset, the monthly fee that we charged was not enough to cover the actual work that we were doing but I didn't want to cause problems with the customer. They were a good customer, in that they had paid us a lot of money to develop their new site. They had links with lots of other companies and so I thought that there could be potential to get more business off the back of them.

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