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Like most people I had what I call a 'proper job' before taking the leap and starting my own business. My jobs were varied and it gave me the opportunity to build up a wide range of skills and more importantly, experience.

When I did finally decide to try and make a go of things on my own, I thought carefully, and still do each time I start a new business, about how I wanted the business to work for me.

One of the things that people dislike about regular jobs are the limitations. You have a fixed start and finish time, a fixed place of work where you have to go each day, a set number of days of holiday that you're allowed each year.

These things played on my mind. I wanted a job where I could decide where to work each day. One day I might work from the kitchen table, sometimes from a coffee shop, sometimes sitting in the middle of a field in the summer sun. No more fluorescent hell holes or open plan offices for me.

I also wanted a better lifestyle. I did not want a position where I had to be available for set hours each day. The job needed to be something where I could decide to take the afternoon off and go to play a round of golf or spend time with my family. The business needed to survive without me for a few hours.

Finally, the business needed to be something that could be transported to a different town or even country. I didn't want to tie myself and my family to a single location, removing the freedom to move somewhere else in the future.

These simple ideas, of freedom in various forms, were considerations behind every decision that I made when deciding on what business to start and through the development of that business.

Ultimately this led me to setting up various businesses that could be run from a backpack. I now work from anywhere and you can do it, too.

Wouldn’t you love to work from home? Work just a couple of hours a day? Earn more than you have before whilst working fewer hours?

I'm not a traditional digital nomad (I hate that term!) because 99% of the time I work from my desk, in my house in Norfolk, in the UK. I have a partner, three children and a dog! I can't just hop on a plane and go and work in Thailand for three months as I have other responsibilities but work isn't one of them. I've set up my business so that I can work anywhere I want to. I have escaped the 9 to 5 grind of being stuck in an office and can now flexible hours and be location independent all at the same time.

I'm using this site to show others what has worked for me and where I went wrong. I hope somewhere deep in the blog, there might be a tiny bit of useful information for you.