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Like most people I had what I call a 'proper job' before taking the leap and starting my own business. My jobs were varied and it gave me the opportunity to build up a wide range of skills and more importantly, experience.

When I did finally decide to try and make a go of things on my own, I thought carefully, and still do each time I start a new business, about how I wanted the business to work for me.

One of the things that people dislike about regular jobs are the limitations. You have a fixed start and finish time, a fixed place of work where you have to go each day, a set number of days of holiday that you're allowed each year.

These things played on my mind. I wanted a job where I could decide where to work each day. One day I might work from the kitchen table, sometimes from a coffee shop, sometimes sitting in the middle of a field in the summer sun. No more fluorescent hell holes or open plan offices for me.

I also wanted a better lifestyle. I did not want a position where I had to be available for set hours each day. The job needed to be something where I could decide to take the afternoon off and go to play a round of golf or spend time with my family. The business needed to survive without me for a few hours.

Finally, the business needed to be something that could be transported to a different town or even country. I didn't want to tie myself and my family to a single location, removing the freedom to move somewhere else in the future.

These simple ideas, of freedom in various forms, were considerations behind every decision that I made when deciding on what business to start and through the development of that business.

Ultimately this led me to setting up a passive income business that could be run from a backpack.

I now work from anywhere using just the things I carry around on my back and you can do it, too.

Wouldn’t you love to work from home? Work just a couple of hours a day? Earn more than you have before whilst working fewer hours?

I'm using this site to show others what has worked for me, where I went wrong and perhaps inspire you to start your own business.